Baby clothes

Day 7, baby clothes

I spent the afternoon photographing the boys’ baby clothes. As much as I love taking their old things out every now and again to reminisce, they’d be of more use to a mom who needs them for her baby right now.

I’ll be keeping a few special things, like the the striped t-shirt that I dressed Max in so often as a toddler and Gus’s treasured lizard pajamas (he’d wear them every chance he got … day or night).


When Max was two and trick-or-treating for the first time, we stopped at a house with a scary green witch giving out candy. She asked him, in a very scary witch voice, if he’d like to come in and look inside her oven. He looked into the dark house and saw a cat in her hallway. He looked back and forth between her and the cat for a couple of seconds. Then walked right in.

What a brave toddler.