When Max was two and trick-or-treating for the first time, we stopped at a house with a scary green witch giving out candy. She asked him, in a very scary witch voice, if he’d like to come in and look inside her oven. He looked into the dark house and saw a cat in her hallway. He looked back and forth between her and the cat for a couple of seconds. Then walked right in.

What a brave toddler.

Project 365 ~ introduction

I am jumping head-first (with eyes squeezed tightly shut and fingers crossed) into a 365 project. I’ll shoot and post a photo every day for the next year.

Now, that’s not to say that I’ll only shoot one photo every day. That would be crazy. The main point of Project 365, at least for me, is to take more pictures. But even if I shoot 87,000 photos on any one day, I will try to shoot just one for this project. I can’t make any promises, though.

And at some points throughout the year, I will take on a true one-photo-a-day project: I’ll take only one photo each day for a week at a time. But definitely not during baseball season.

So. Wish me luck. And have a Happy New Year. And if you stumble upon this blog and would like to share your photos with me, please do! I would love that.