So many parts of my life are due for a serious reboot. My health. My photography and jewelry making. This blog.

As far as my health is concerned, I had every intention of getting on the right track last year after my breast cancer diagnosis. But after the third round of chemotherapy, I hit a wall. A big brick wall. Up until that point, I had been walking every day and eating really well. And then that wall. I didn’t even put up a fight.

Not long after the fourth (and final) round of chemo, I started six weeks of radiation, which brings with it increasing fatigue and stress. It would have been easier to cope with all of it if I had only kept walking. The exhaustion was more than I could handle.

After treatment, my trademark procrastination kicked in. Even when I was feeling better, I didn’t stay focused on exercising and eating well. I went through several starts and stops and never stayed dedicated. So here I am. Weighing more than I ever have in my life.

I decided that I need accountability to get back on track and stay on track. Even if that means going totally public during my journey. Totally public on a seldom-visited blog.¬†Where I have disabled the feature that automatically pushes¬†posts to¬†Facebook. Hey. They’ll still push to Twitter. It’s a start.

I’m giving myself the same advice I would give to any other person in my situation: You¬†can only move forward from here.

Wish me luck.