How's the luck?

Saturday night Max’s team had their second tournament game of the weekend (they lost their first game that morning and were headed to the consolation bracket). Before the game, he and a teammate were playing catch, and Max took a ball to his chin. I didn’t see it (too busy gabbing with one of the other moms), but one of the coaches caught my attention. Max was holding his chin and had a few tears in his eyes. I sat with him in the dugout for a bit, but he asked me to leave. (I think he knew he’d cry harder if I stuck around.) After one of the moms brought over a bag of ice, I walked away for a bit and checked on him every couple of minutes. He seemed fine after a bit, so I scooted him out to the field, where the team was still warming up. I had a funny feeling, though, that it would happen again.

About ten minutes later, the coaches were hitting pop flies to the kids. Max was going for one, but it missed his glove and hit him square in the face … about a half inch from the last injury! He was crying very loudly (which Max just does not do in public … ever), so I knew it was very bad. He was bleeding pretty badly by the time we got him to the dugout, and he told me that one of his teeth was gone. It turned out to be a baby molar. And then I noticed that one of his permanent teeth was bleeding and a little loose.

We brought him to the Urgent Care clinic. By the time we got there, he was feeling well enough to let the doctor check out his jaw. Then we were off to the dentist (who just so happened to be in the office waiting for another patient with an emergency). They did a full panoramic x-ray to make sure there were no broken bones, but, as it turns out, about four of Max’s permament teeth are slightly loose. The dentist said they’d firm up in about 7 days if Max only eats very soft and liquid foods. It could be years, though, before we know if there was nerve damage to any of the teeth. The poor kid. He had a rough night.

Before we left the game, his team was in the pre-game huddle, and his head coach said, "Let’s win this one for Max." How sweet is that? Unfortunately, they lost. But the team got together last night for a pizza, trophies, and swimming. They had a great time.


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