Just trying to stay one step ahead

This morning I scolded Gus about something. He definitely deserved to be scolded, but not as harshly as I dished it out. Right afterward, I walked outside to wait for the boys so I could bring them to school. I stood there, feeling guilty and thinking about my apology.

When they came out the door, Gus walked up to me with a little smile on his face (in retrospect, it was actually an impish grin). He put his arm around me, and I said, "I am so sorry I yelled at you …"

I stopped at the distinct sound of paper crinkling. I moved his arm from around my back and noticed a piece of paper in his hand. His eyes darted over to Max, and then he smiled as he crumpled it up as quickly as he could. I told him to hand it over.

It said, "Please kick me."


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