Day 12, pods

{12/365} milkweed pods

Late this afternoon I stopped to photograph dogwood and birch trees at the nature preserve near my house. As I was wrapping up, I looked down and saw a cluster of milkweed pods. Milkweed pods!

I drew a lot of milkweed pods in my high school drawing classes, and I really didn’t appreciate them at the time. We had to draw the pods without taking our eyes off of them and without lifting our pencils from the paper. It’s actually a brilliant exercise that teaches you how to really see. But it’s not easy, and I really hated those milkweed pods!

But now I actually love them. And they’re MUCH easier to photograph than draw.

{12/365} milkweed pods (detail)
Milkweed pods (detail).

{12/365} milkweed pods (more detail)
Milkweed pods (more detail).


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