Day 33, request for assignments

Day 33

The Saint Paul Hotel.

I’m getting a little restless. I think it’s time for a photo assignment. I’m downtown every weekday, so let’s start there. Leave a comment under this post letting me know what you’d like me to photograph. Do you have a favorite building, tree, sign, or sculpture downtown? Just say the word, and I’ll do my best to build it into my February photos. (To leave a comment, click the link that appears directly under the post title.)

If in a couple of days you see an empty shot of tequila as my photo of the day, you’ll know that no one gave me an assignment and I’m off somewhere feeling dejected and drowning my sorrows. Either that, or someone assigned a photo of a downtown bar, and I just couldn’t resist going inside. You may never know.


15 thoughts on “Day 33, request for assignments

  1. Oh … that is a beautiful building. And so close to my office. I’m adding it to the list. Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. are there still snoopy things around? what about the river? candy store–through a window?

  3. Jess, some of the Snoopy statues are still around … along with Charlie Brown, Lucy, and Linus. Thanks for the great ideas!

  4. I’ve gotten some assignments from some of my Facebook friends, so I’m adding them here:

    1. Gopher Bar on the corner of 7th and Wacouta.
    2. A tree against a blue sky, shot while lying on the ground.
    2. The old Coney Island bar on St Peter, inside if possible.
    3. Close-up of some of the unique gargoyles on the older buildings.

  5. You are so good and to think that I know you, er, I know yuou really well, er, you’re my daughter. Can I be proud? How about steam rising off of the river?

  6. If you could get inside at all, it’s really beautiful inside, as is the James J. Hill library.

  7. Close (although I was a law school student at one time!) – law librarian at William Mitchell.

    (Meant to reply to your reply, not my own, but didn’t see a “reply” button there).

  8. (Hope I’m not bugging you!)

    I do the “lie down under a tree” shot a lot in the fall, but never thought to do it in winter – mind if I try that, too?

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