Day 54, automatic

I haven’t been very happy with a lot of my photos lately. They’re  just not sharp. I’ve been having a hard time getting a feel for this zoom lens (it’s a 28-135mm kit lens). So tonight, after I shot off a couple of frames in aperture-priority mode, I switched over to the automatic landscape mode on my camera, and the results were much sharper than a lot of my recent images. This photo is right out of the camera: no post-processing at all. I figure if I study the settings on the photos I shoot in the automatic modes, I’ll learn more about my lens.


2 thoughts on “Day 54, automatic

  1. Sometimes it’s really nice to just have the automatic settings to adjust everything for you. I have to admit that I’ve really enjoyed your landscapes, especially in contrast to (and as a break from!) my mostly macro shots, so don’t feel too down on yourself! I think they’ve been looking quite lovely.

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