Day 56, Pioneer Building

I completed another Downtown St. Paul assignment, this one from my husband, Jim. It’s where we met. He worked for one of the construction companies that renovated the Pioneer Building back in the early 1980’s, and I worked for a law firm that was located on the sixteenth floor.

It was built in 1889 and was St. Paul’s first skyscraper, at a staggering twelve stories. The other four were added in 1909. (Suck, it, Dubai!) It’s on the National Register of Historic Places, mostly likely because it was the home of the world’s first telephone answering service, implemented in 1927.

There may have been a few other reasons.


2 thoughts on “Day 56, Pioneer Building

  1. I officed there on the 12th or thirteenth floor in 1965-66 when the building was new. The elevators were a great ride. It had windows, so you could look down as you were going up or down. I saw many people ride with their eyes closed. They had elevator operators, who liked to run them at top speed. The Pioneer Building had a great coffee shop on the first floor. When I got back from training in Hartford I remember thinking, “I saw more pretty women in the lobby of the building the first morning than I saw in Hartford for the 6 weeks I was there in January-February, 1966.” Love, Dad

  2. I loved working there, and I loved those elevators. My favorite operator was Rachel, who would sometimes let me “drive” when I was the only passenger. We got stuck once, and a co-worker of mine passed Snickers bars to us through the grates.

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