Day 76, acorn shells

76 | 365

Acorn shells.

Over the last year, I’ve reconnected with some old high school friends through Facebook. It’s been fun catching up with them a bit and seeing what they’ve been up to these last 30(!) years. Dang, they’re old.

The year before we graduated, the class valedictorian gave an eloquent speech. I don’t remember all of the details, but toward the end he waxed poetic about how they’d all grow from acorns into big, mighty oaks.

Russ Rogers spoke at our graduation. He referenced that previous year’s speech and the acorn-oak analogy, and then applied a similar theme to our class’s future. Yes, we too started out as acorns. But we’d more likely grow up to be a bunch of nuts.

I think he was right. Thank goodness.


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