Day 83, hyacinth leaves

83 | 365

Hyacinth leaves.

So. I’m 83 days into my 365 project, and I completely forgot to take pictures today!. I didn’t even realize it until 8:45 tonight. The sun was down, and I had nothing. (In my own defense, I was immersed in preparing our tax return.)

So I took out my camera and shot off eight quick frames of houseplants. This is it. Good night, and good luck.


4 thoughts on “Day 83, hyacinth leaves

  1. Oh, this is lovely! The DOF and soft light is really wonderful. I hope taxes weren’t too terrible! (I’ve taken a vacation from Project 365, unfortunately. A family emergency along with general offline stress has had me away from my camera and around with less frequency lately. Hope all is well!)

  2. Thanks, Jess. I’m sorry to hear about your family emergency. Hope all is okay. Don’t stay away from your 365 too long! Hope to see you back soon. (I’ll keep an eye out!)

  3. Thanks, Dad! (I just now saw that your comment was caught in the spam queue. Sorry it took so long for me to see it!)

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