Day 95, cat napping

95 | 365

Cat napping.

He wasn’t feeling well last week. Did you know that cats are very stoic and often hide their pain? Sometimes even to the point where the pain is so unbearable that they’ll have seizure-like episodes. That’s what happened to Phoenix. He started having seizures last Wednesday evening. He’d just drop over on his side and tremble for a few seconds, and he’d be a little disoriented when he got up. Poor guy.

The vet diagnosed him with cystitis, which can be caused by a few things, including stress and not getting enough water. He has to eat mostly canned food now, which does not please him as much as I thought it would. The vet also recommended that we buy a Feliway Diffuser, which looks like a plug-in air freshener and emits a synthetic copy of a cat’s natural facial pheromone. Apparently it’s calming, but, I think I’ll pass. Synthetic pheromones drifting through the house? Not so much.

At least he doesn’t have epilepsy.

Here’s a shot that Gus took with my camera.

Cat, by Gus.

(Notice the leg resting on the edge of the table.) Nice composition, Gus!


2 thoughts on “Day 95, cat napping

  1. Awww….he looks like a sweetie!

    I hear you on the feline stoicism. One of our cats hid under the bed for 3 days before finally deciding to come out & show me that his eye had been horribly injured. He had to have the eye removed a few days later…

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