Day 106, Beauty and Belle

106/365 | Beauty and Belle

Beauty and Belle.


2 thoughts on “Day 106, Beauty and Belle

  1. This ROCKS! This photo really speaks to me. It says something to me about how the character images, prepackaged and sold to my daughters actually shape them, bring my own daughters into focus.

    I don’t know if that’s the message you were trying to send. But that’s the cool thing about art, it’s open to interpretation.

    I have one daughter who is obsessed with Dora and Diego. It’s cute that she can recognized the difference between an Emperor Penguin and a Chinstrap Penguin, and she’s only TWO. I have another daughter who LOVES Disney Princesses and Tinkerbell. Belle is better than most of the Princesses. At least her intelligence and resourcefulness are shown as great character traits, not just her kindness and beauty.

  2. Thanks so much, Russ. I WAS actually thinking about how these women characters shape our daughters (and nieces) as they grow up. I wasn’t thinking about focus in quite the way you describe, but I love it! (I especially love Belle … she’s my favorite Disney heroine.)

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