Day 113, wind farm, Northern Iowa

113/365 | wind farm

Wind farm, Northern Iowa.

It happened. I went an entire day without taking a photo. We drove to Indianola, Iowa, on Friday, April 23, for a weekend baseball tournament (that was ultimately canceled). I had my camera right next to me in the car during the entire trip down, and I didn’t take one shot. It didn’t even dawn on me until the next day.

Ah, well. It’s no tragedy, right?


So, I’m cheating. That’s right. I’m posting a Saturday photo as my Friday shot. So call the 365 police. I ain’t scared.

This photo is from the trip home the next evening. I have never seen so many windmills.


2 thoughts on “Day 113, wind farm, Northern Iowa

  1. Every time I drive south to my girlfriends lake house I drive through windmill farms in Indiana and I just love them. Something about their size against the open plain, it’s just magnificent!

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