Day 156, clover after rain

I couldn’t decide which of two photos to use as my photo of the day, so I held a little bit of a contest on my Facebook page to determine the winner. I say “little bit of a contest” because only three votes were cast (thank you Carole, Colette, and Laura!), and this image of clover was the winner.

I shot this image “blind”. I held my camera low to the ground, held down the focus button, waited to the hear the autofocus beep telling me that the camera had achieved proper focus, and shot. I captured about 15 images this way, and most of them were all pretty interesting. I love the droplets of rain and the hint of bokeh in the background of this one.

The runner up? A bug on the screen of my front door that I noticed on my way back into the house. I shot one frame.


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