Day 161, Beefy

This is my stepdaughter Andrea’s cat, Beefy. He is one heavy cat. He’s not fat … he’s just incredibly solid. Oh! And you should see the size of this cat’s paws. He’s only eight months old, and may Lord help us all if he grows into them.

It’s a good thing he’s as sweet as they come.

(If I had taken this photo on Wednesday, it would have fit nicely into the “heavy metal” theme for Creativity Boot Camp.)


2 thoughts on “Day 161, Beefy

  1. that is a funny name for a cat! i love the very pensive look on his face. great photo. i found you over on blogfrog.

  2. Thank you so much. You know, Beefy was pretty pensive. He’s not an outside cat and was a little nervous being out there.

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