Day 183, nut jar

This post marks the halfway point in my 365 Project. I have loved every minute of this work, and I cannot wait to see what the next six months will bring.

My favorite part? Feeling more and more like an artist every day.

The subject of today’s photo is a piece made by one of my favorite artists, my Aunt Mary Jo.

{183/365} nut jar

Mary makes beautiful leather pouches and accessories, jewelry, and souvenirs. Her shop is OH!Boyd Enterprises.

Before she started working with leather, Mary was a potter. This nut jar is one of the several pieces of hers that I own. I treasure them all, but this is my personal favorite.

nut jar

I love to serve Spanish or cocktail peanuts in it when I entertain. If Mary were still throwing, she would still be receiving special orders on this jar from my friends and other family members.


2 thoughts on “Day 183, nut jar

  1. The correct name of this piece of pottery is “peanut puker.”



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