Day 184, Indian snuff box

{184/365} Indian snuff box

My friend Deba is from India, and she has many beautiful Indian pieces throughout her home. We were there for dinner on Saturday, and I fell in love with this snuff box.

I also love Deba’s Ganesh lamp. Ganesh is the god of wisdom, prosperity and good fortune.


We might just have to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi this year. It’s coming up, you know.


One thought on “Day 184, Indian snuff box

  1. I just read about Ganesh Chaturthi on Wikipedia. I think it’s cool that the celebration was promoted as a way to unite various castes, religions and factions within India, especially in the days of British Colonial oppression. Having just celebrated July 4th (USA’s Independence Day)) yesterday, this resonated with me. But the story of lakes and rivers being poisoned by the immersion of plaster statues of Ganesh during the festival made my heart sink.

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