Day 212, Tiguan

{212.365} new car!

After checking out the Tiguan a couple of times, I thought I’d take the more practical route and buy the RAV4.

On Thursday, I headed over to meet with my salesman at the Toyota dealership to talk about price. Before we sat down, though, I asked him if I could see two models next to each other: the classic silver and the black forest green. I wanted to make my final color selection. He pulled them up, handed me the keys for both, and told me to take my time deciding. “Take them for a drive if you’d like. We’ve got plenty of time.”

I opened and closed the doors. Hmmm. Not as solid as the Tiguan. I checked out the interiors. Not quite as nice as the VW, but that’s okay. I looked at the spacious cargo area. It dwarfs that of the Tiguan. I decided on the black forest green and headed in to make an offer.

I stopped. I had this nagging little feeling that I should drive it one more time. Nah. I didn’t need to drive it. Isn’t eight test drives enough?

Turns out, it’s not. I got in one of them and drove for about 15 minutes. Oh, man. I didn’t like it. The seat wasn’t comfortable. I stopped a few times to adjust the seat and headrest. It just didn’t feel right. I drove a little longer and came to a red light. An SUV crossed the intersection in front of me. I thought, “Oh. Now that’s nice.”

It was a Tiguan.

I drove back, parked it, and called Jim. Here’s the abbreviated version of our conversation.

“I don’t like it.”

“Get the Tiguan.”


(Thanks, Honey!)

So today we picked up my new Tiguan. It doesn’t have the sunroof I wanted. And it has a really small cargo area. But I love it.

His name is Otto, after my great grandpa.


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