Day 251, daisies

{251/365} daisies

I’m not really sure if these are daisies, but they look enough like daisies, so I’m calling them daisies. They’re daisies. Do you understand me?

You’re a daisy if ya do.

Actually, though, it’s only through the grace of God that I got any good frames today.

The sun was getting low, and the light was beautiful, so I decided to head up to the park near my house. The woman who lives next to it plants a gorgeous garden every year, and I go up there often to photograph the flowers.

So I started shooting away, taking a quick look at the screen after just about every shot. I was striking gold! Gold, I tell ya! I couldn’t believe how beautiful every frame was looking. We are talkin’ GORGEOUS.

Yeah. Maybe I should have taken my glasses OFF to look at the screen.

No, no! I should have taken them off to look at the flippin’ flowers.


What the …


As soon as I imported them into Lightroom, I could see it right away.


Half the flowers are DEAD!


Wouldn’t you think I would have noticed that as I was walking through the garden? Getting bitten up by mosquitoes?

Apparently not.

That’s a good thing, though. Right?


2 thoughts on “Day 251, daisies

  1. i LOVE the lighting in the these photos! i also like that half of the flowers are dead. it looks like it was a lovely, peaceful minnesota evening.

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