Day 253, trolley

{253/365} street car

I’ve been back on track shooting every day, but some days, like today, I end up with nothing I really want to post online. So I go back to my archives and find something that I didn’t use for that day’s 365 shot.

This trolley is from the Stillwater Trolley Co. I shot it at my nephew’s wedding on August 28. They used it to transport the wedding party from the church to the reception.

It was a beautiful wedding and an awesome reception. Congratulations, Bryan and Erin!


3 thoughts on “Day 253, trolley

  1. You’re kidding, right? You take amazing pictures! I really really want to see some examples from “some days, like today, [you] end up with nothing [you] want to post online.” I’ll bet your not-so-good photos are still better than most people’s best photos! Show us! Besides, I might need a little encouragement that even the best photographers don’t get “the shot” all the time. ; )

  2. What a brilliant and memorable method of Wedding Day Transport!

    I love your you 365 Project and want to make sure I’m your biggest fan. To that end, I will either go back and make sure I’ve commented more than anyone else, or I will eat more donuts.

  3. Oh, my, Rebekah. You are too kind. Okay. You asked for it. I’ll start posting my not-so-good shots. And, hey … have you LOOKED at your work lately? It’s beautiful.

    Russ, you are too funny. Eat more donuts. LOL. And thank you once again. I’m lucky to have a cheering section! (You and my dad must be tied for the title of biggest fan.)

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