Day 292, poser

{292/365} poser

Scotty actually posed for me tonight. I was shooting in the backyard, called him over, told him to sit, and he SAT. For a long time. He was so well behaved that I decided to take him out to the front yard so I could shoot some more.

A few minutes later, a couple from down the street walked past our yard, and out came the Hound of the Baskervilles. That’s what Scotty does. He runs at people barking like he’s the Big Dog on the block. (He’s not. That would be McGregor the Great Dane.)

Everyone in the neighborhood knows that Scotty’s bluffing. As soon as gets near them, he’s all happy and tail wagging and “aren’t I the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?” The neighbors said hi to him, patted him on the head, and walked along their way.

I shooed him into the garage with the boys and went back to shooting.

Scott had other plans. Apparently he thought he could go on a walk with the neighbors, because he tore down the street and actually started walking alongside them.

I think I need to walk my dog more often.



3 thoughts on “Day 292, poser

  1. Good morning!

    Your site is the first thing I visit after checking for hurricanes, even before making coffee. Thanks for doing this project. I will miss it if you stop.



  2. Wow! BEFORE making coffee? I am honored! Can’t wait to take some photos down in Florida next March. And while I will stop the 365 project on December 31, I’ll move on to another project.


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