French Friday ~ hachis parmentier


This dish is bit reminiscent of the French meat pie that my dad’s family makes on Christmas morning. We call it “pork pie,” and it was one of the highlights of Christmas breakfast every year (right next to the cream puffs, éclairs, and rosettes).

When I was young, that pie didn’t appeal to me at all, and I never tried it until I was in my early teens. I mean, pork pie? To me, many things belonged in pie. Strawberries, apples, blueberries, chocolate … maybe even bananas. But pork?

Then I found the nerve to actually taste it. And with that first bite, I was hooked, and I immediately looked back with regret at all of the slices of pork pie that I had turned down in previous years.

The first time I paged through Dorie‘s newest book, Around My French Table, and saw this recipe, I immediately thought of pork pie, and I had a feeling I’d love it. I was right. Hachis Parmentier is not as similar to our French meat pie as I thought it might be, but it is delicious. How could it not be? It’s beef and sausage covered with cheese-topped mashed potatoes. Hello.




Gus thought it was okay and ate two servings.

Max said, “Better luck next time.” I’m pretty sure he was kidding.


Please join us over at French Fridays With Dorie, and be sure to read about the other members’ experiences with Hachis Parmentier.

Next week: Marie-Hélène’s apple cake.
Last week: spicy Vietnamese chicken noodle soup.


17 thoughts on “French Friday ~ hachis parmentier

  1. can it be next week yet so I can drool over the apple cake? I am not quite sure about pork pie either. But I do love meat and potatoes.

  2. And wait until you see this apple cake! It looks awesome. And you only need a bowl and a whisk to whip it up! Nice.

  3. I love the way you made one big one and several individual “pies’. I am doing French Fridays with Dorie as well and loved the Hachis Parmentier (even though I cannot pronounce it correctly). It was delicious!

  4. Such a great idea to do the big pie and the individuals. Boy I’m wishing I had one of the little ones right now. Beautiful pictures. My family is french and my nanny always made meat pies that had a slight sweetness to them. Brings back lots of memories. I haven’t had a meat pie in ages.

  5. I stopped by to see how you did with this one and man am I glad I did. These individual pies look so amazing!!!! I love that and will definitly do that next time around. I’m not sure why but I think the smaller containers will be a better way to cook these… and can you say easier to freeze for mid week meals? You are so full of ideas for me every week!
    Trevor Sis. Boom.

  6. Thank you, M and Trevor Sis Boom! I think I’ll make the whole recipe in ramekins next time. And I didn’t even think of freezing them! What a great idea.

  7. Your photos are gorgeous! I really need to make use of ramekins.

    Was the pork pie your father served like tourtière? It’s a Christmas staple on the French Canadian side of my family.

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