French Friday ~ Marie-Hélène’s apple cake


My cake doesn’t quite look like Dorie’s. I accidentally used a 9-inch pan instead of an 8-inch. Plus, a couple of my apples were a little on the gargantuan side.


But let me tell you: my cake is still plenty pretty, and I’ll bet it tastes just like Dorie’s. It must, ’cause it tastes like heaven.






Be sure to check out some of the the other apple cakes at French Fridays With Dorie.

Next week: roast chicken for les paresseux.
Last week: hachis parmentier.


17 thoughts on “French Friday ~ Marie-Hélène’s apple cake

  1. Ohmygosh. Can I come over and have you teach me photography!? Wow. Your cake certainly didn’t suffer for that one inch of diameter that is for sure!!!

  2. You cake looks great. I like the look of lots of apples!!! I loved the recipe too made the house smell amazing and your pics are lovely. I need to take a class. I wish there was more time in the day. .B

  3. Your pictures are wonderful and your cake looks tasty! Im glad you enjoyed this recipe, I did too!
    I love that white plate with the apples on it..they fit perfectly!!

  4. Thanks, KY, Trevor Sis Boom, and Beth!

    And thanks, Flourchild … that plate comes with four bowls that fit into each compartment. I got it from Taste of Home Entertaining, but I don’t think they’re around anymore!

  5. Thanks so much, StephIrey!

    And thank you, Jessica! It’s a new favorite for me, as well. (I love the photos of you with Dorie!)

  6. VERY nice apple photo. Love the natural lighting. All your photos are quite nice! I like how some of your apples got an extra touch of brown. Maybe I’ll try baking mine a little extra next time.

  7. Beautiful! I was worried that everyone else’s would look just like Dorie’s, but there’s been a really lovely variety.

  8. Your cake looks so pretty! 8 inch…9 inch…as long as you paid attention to the timing…it’s all fair in the end! LOL! I’ve got to head to the store to get apples. Lots of pretty apples! There’s no sunlight here for lovely picture ops, but…you can’t have everything when you have to wait until just past the deadline! That’s ok…it’s the taste that counts the most! Lovely presentation!!

  9. Thanks, ECL, Becky, Teresa, and Glennis, for all of your kind comments.

    And, Glennis: Now that we’re moving toward winter, I don’t have a lot of light in the evenings when I get home from work. It’s really cramping my photographic style!

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