Day 307, Lemi Shine

{307/365} Lemi Shine

A few months ago I noticed that our glassware was getting progressively cloudier. Every couple of weeks I’d load all of the glasses into the dishwasher and wash them with white vinegar only. The glasses would come out beautiful and sparkling, only to cloud up again a couple of weeks later.

Then one day as I was browsing through The Pioneer Woman‘s site (one of my all-time favorites), I stumbled upon this: Hard Water + This Stuff = Sparkly Dishes and Happiness.

I had never heard of Lemi Shine! I found some at the grocery store and started using it. No more cloudy glasses.

Thanks, Ree!


3 thoughts on “Day 307, Lemi Shine

  1. Where do you put vinegar in the dishwasher? In the soap dispenser instead of soap? Our water down here is beyond hard. And all our glasses are cloudy! I need to find some Lemi Shine.

  2. I just throw a whole cup right into the dishwasher right after it has filled and the water has heated up. Then, I throw another cup in right at the beginning of the rinse cycle. They will be sparkling when the cycle finishes.

  3. Hi, Dustin from Lemi Shine here, I just wanted to let you know about a new humanitarian project we launched called Project Ethiopia. We are challenging our blog friends to help us get the word out. If you would like to write a post about it here are the direct links to the information.

    Press Release >
    Website >
    Direct Video Link >

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