French Friday ~ roast chicken for les paresseux


I have roasted a lot of chickens over the years. Next to grilled, it’s my favorite method for cooking chicken. And this … this! It is by far the most wonderful roast chicken I’ve ever made. And it’s so easy that it’s called roast chicken for les paresseaux … for the lazy.


The combination of seasonings is simple but wonderful: salt, pepper, rosemary, thyme, oregano, and garlic. After seasoning the chicken, it’s placed on top of one or two slices of thick French bread. A few tablespoons each of white wine and olive oil are added, and the the bird takes on the most wonderful flavor as it roasts at 450 degrees. After 45 minutes, the vegetables are added, and everything roasts for another 45 minutes.




Yes, the chicken is wonderful. But the best part of this recipe is the bread. It soaks up the juices from the bird and becomes incredibly crisp and sinfully delicious. In the recipe, Dorie instructs her readers to do as she does and save the bread for themselves. I tried to keep one of them all to myself. I really did. I shared one with Jim (who loved it too). Then Max asked if he could try a bite. And curses! I made the mistake of handing him the second (and last!) slice to try, and it was never to be seen again.

I did finish it with the optional sauce (for the less lazy), made with what juices are left from the bird, the pan drippings, and white wine. (I finished it with a little butter at the end.) Let me just say: don’t be lazy. Make that sauce if you roast this chicken.

My favorite part of the whole experience came when the bird was still in the oven. I tweeted, “Roast Chicken for Les Paresseux in the oven. That bread? Il est à moi.” A short while later, Dorie replied: “Did you get the bread? Was it soaked thru w chicken juice? Did you have the chic liver on it? Did you like it? Sure hope so.”

My chicken didn’t come with a liver, but I’ll be sure to try that next time. Dorie, it sure is fun having you here to enjoy this journey with us.

We’re shaking things up a bit this month over at French Fridays With Dorie. We’re all cooking the same four recipes, but it’s our choice which recipes we’ll cook each week. They’re all perfect November recipes, because all four together would make a great Thanksgiving dinner: roast chicken, potato gratin, pumpkin-Gorgonzola flan, and caramel-topped semolina cake. Ooh-ah.

Next week: caramel-topped semolina cake.
Last week: Marie-Hélène’s apple cake.


43 thoughts on “French Friday ~ roast chicken for les paresseux

  1. I am very excited to make this and after seeing your post I think I will do this next. Your pictures are really fabulous. The sinful bread is on my wish list!!! Love your post…B

  2. Your photos are simply gorgeous! Beautiful light, lovely colors! It makes me want to roast a chicken right now, in the middle of the night 🙂 How cool that Dorie tweeted back.

  3. Great post! I can’t wait to make this and taste the bread after reading all the raves about it!

  4. Oh, it takes a talented photographer to make a raw chicken look appealing!
    Wasn’t this good? My bread didn’t quite work out but I know I will be making this again and again, so someday it will.

  5. You don’t know heaven until you get to try this with the liver! Go GO do it again! Yours looks so fantastic!!! Much prettier than mine!

  6. Thank you! I don’t get good lighting in my kitchen and often schlep things to my living room to photograph. It seems I’m always chasing the light.

  7. Your photography is gorgeous! I hope to make this on Sunday…and I’m hoping my bird has a liver! Thanks for sharing…and how cool to have Dorie “right there with you as you bake”…well almost… I’ve seen her generous spirit for a couple of years now online and remain impressed today as I was the first time I saw it. You certainly do her proud!

  8. Chicken without a liver? What were they thinking? That’s the best part! What would motivate me to go into the chicken gut and extract the gizzards and the wrinkled neck, if they omit the liver?
    I am planing on making Dorie’s chicken next week. I love your photos documenting every step (the focus on garlic head is amazing).
    Looking forward to reading more of your blog:)

  9. At first I thought the chicken bread was a little hyped up – but so far it sounds like everyone who tried it fell in love. Hmmmm. Can’t wait to find this one out for myself now.

    Very pretty!

  10. Thank you! This has definitely become my new go-to roast chicken recipe. I think we’ll be having it again tomorrow.

  11. Thank you very much, LaJuana! It was really fun hearing from Dorie. Isn’t it great that she’s so actively involved in this project? Laurie must love that.

  12. Thanks, Lana. You know, as weird as it is, most of the roasting chickens at my grocer come without giblets. I mean, hello?!

  13. I loved this recipe too! Nothing better then a big fat roasted chicken with some yummy bread underneath!
    Your pictures are wonderful and all the veges look so healthy!!

  14. Your photos are so beautiful. Do you use a digital SLR?

    I made this last week and I think the bread was almost more popular than the chicken!

  15. Your pictures are amazing and I will absolutely try the sauce next time!

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