Day 312, pellegrino

{312/365} pellegrino

My favorite beverage. I only buy it when it goes on sale, because as soon the boys see it, they drink it like it’s water.



4 thoughts on “Day 312, pellegrino

  1. i love your comment! great photo of that liquid. also…costco is a great place to buy it, and they put out coupons once and awhile to make the deal even better.

  2. My husband drinks juice like it’s water. And we are poor grad students. (well, he’s a grad student, and I am paying the bills!) I tell him to drink water when he is thirsty, and juice when he is craving vitamin C. Or never, so I can drink it all. My suggestions are ignored.

  3. When I was single, I went through so much orange juice. It was just about the only beverage I ever had in the house. When I buy it now, the boys usually get the lion’s share of it. Bummer!

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