French Friday ~ sweet and spicy cocktail nuts


What is your favorite nut? Mine is the pecan. Specifically, the raw pecan. I really do prefer the taste of just about all nuts in their raw form, cashews being one of the few exceptions.

That raw flavor reminds me of Christmas and the unshelled nuts we’d find in our stockings every Christmas morning. I loved to crack them open: my goal was to pull a perfect pecan or walnut half from the shell without it breaking.

Dorie’s cocktail nuts call for two cups of nuts. I used raw pecans; roasted, unsalted almonds; roasted, unsalted cashews; and roasted, lightly salted peanuts. (I bought all of my nuts from Trader Joe’s. Have you been down that aisle of nuts and dried fruits? The selection is phenomenal!)

The seasonings for these nuts are sugar, salt, chili powder, cayenne, and cinnamon.


And the recipe calls for only a pinch of cayenne, which gave me a good excuse to use one of my favorite kitchen gadgets: a set of very small measuring spoons that my mom gave to me. I know that I don’t really need them to add a smidgen, pinch, or dash of anything to a recipe. But they’re fun to use, just the same.

But then again, maybe I’m measurement challenged. You never know.

After coating the nuts with egg white …

… they’re tossed in the seasonings.

Then they’re spread on a baking sheet …

… and baked to sugary, spicy goodness.


These cocktail nuts are a little addictive.

I may or may not have eaten most of them myself over the course of three days.

Next week: my go-to beef daube.
Last week: potato gratin.


20 thoughts on “French Friday ~ sweet and spicy cocktail nuts

  1. I wake up every morning, turn on the computer, visit this site and then I am hungry. Why is that? I think you inherited your taste for pecans from me. When we lived in Alabama there was a pecan tree in our back yard. I came home for lunch, packed my pockets with pecans and ate pecans as I walked back to school. There were pecan trees lining the streets back then, too. Pecans, not acorns were everywhere.



  2. To prevent eating the whole recipe’s yield by myself, I’m going to make this next week for our office holiday party. I’m excited to hear what people think. Yours turned out wonderful as evidenced by your amazing photographs! And, I’d use those darling measuring spoons all the time!

  3. I loved all your process photos! I made a double batch and they were gobbled up in no time! I love pecans too!!!!

  4. Oh. I love those spoons! Dorie uses ‘a pinch’ quite a bit and I get so flummoxed by it. I’ll be making these again if only to get them looking as nice as yours!
    Trevor Sis. Boom.

  5. Always have to come to your blog to see your photos! I also love TJ’s nut aisle. Only place I buy nuts! 🙂

  6. I usually buy the nuts in the bulk aisle at Henry’s, but now I might migrate to Trader Joe’s (it’s funny how some of us departmentalize our shopping:)
    Your photos are beautiful. Definitely beautiful.
    I am making these nuts in a day or two. It’s good to hear from everybody else’s experiences.

  7. Thanks, Jessica. I’m going to try them again using one of the other variations. I struggled with the egg white at little bit. I finally gave up and just threw the nuts on there. I may skip the pesky little peanuts next time.

  8. Thank you very much, Lana. I really do departmentalize my shopping. I’m lucky to have so many different grocers so close to my house. All I need now is a co-op closer to my house, and I’d be happy.

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