French Friday ~ leek and potato soup

Leek and potato soup

I made the fennel variation of Dorie’s leek and potato soup. I added an extra potato, because even though “leek” comes before “potato” in the name, it’s the potato that draws me to this soup.

Leek and potato soup
I’m always amazed by how much dirt comes out of these bad boys. (I flipped them over to shoot them.)

Leek and potato soup
The fennel added some very subtle, sweet undertones.

Leek and potato soup
Leek and potato soup
Leek and potato soup

I topped each bowl with croutons and fried sage leaves.

Have you ever eaten fried sage leaves? They have an interesting flavor. My kids tried them: one liked them, the other didn’t.

They both loved the croutons.

In two weeks: paris mushroom soup.
Next week: speculoos (skipped).
Last week: spiced butter-glazed carrots.


6 thoughts on “French Friday ~ leek and potato soup

  1. Ooh, I love fried sage leaves…what a great addition to the soup. I’ll have to try fennel on my next pot too. Your pictures are lovely!

  2. I have to sneak the fennel into the kitchen in very small doses. i am not the fan, but want to become one – I hate when the great flavors elude me:) Husband is adamant, but I can circumvent him – he won’t even notice:)
    I can just sit with my mouth opened for hours looking at your photos. So beautiful:)
    We loved the soup (but we have always loved the leeks:)

  3. Thank you, Lana! You know, I had to sneak the fennel in, too. And when my youngest overheard me say the word, he almost boycotted the soup, but then decided he liked it. Whew. Maybe this means I don’t have to sneak the fennel in things anymore!

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