Day 364, sidewalk

Day 364 ~ sidewalk

This photograph inspires me … because the sidewalk seems neverending.

Well. Here we are. Near the end of this 365 project.

I wonder what tomorrow’s photo will be.


2 thoughts on “Day 364, sidewalk

  1. Did you put the sepia filter on before or after you snapped the picture? Is there are preferred method for “serious” photographers? Is messing around with PhotoShop in post production considered cheating?

  2. Love the questions! It’s actually not quite a sepia tone, but I did do a little extra post-processing in Photoshop Elements. Normally, I pretty much only use Lightroom, another Photoshop product. (It’s closer to real darkroom work.) I don’t even think my camera (a DSLR) has those kinds of settings, so I only do post-processing.

    Now … is it cheating? That’s a great question! Only if it’s also cheating to apply darkroom techniques to alter an image when you’re printing from a negative. Same concepts, just different platforms. That’s how I look at it anyway.

    Now, if I had to regularly rely on Photoshop to “fix” my work, that would be probably be cheating!

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