Two buildings

{3/52} two buildings

I walk across Ecolab’s courtyard a few times each week, and I usually glance up to check on one building’s reflection in the other. It’s fun to see how different the view looks from day to day.

After I uploaded this image to my computer, I was excited to see the slight drama in the blue sky and clouds above the top building and in the reflection of its windows. And then I remembered. Blast! I’m doing black and white for my 52 project!

I think the drama still comes through, don’t you think?


6 thoughts on “Two buildings

  1. Your photos are always stunning.

    I’ve put you on my list for the Stylish Blogger Award over on my blog. Feel free to participate as much or as little as you like. Just want to spread some appreciation around to bloggers I enjoy.

  2. Oh my GOSH, Teresa! Thank you very much. I am speechless! I’ll have to work on my Stylish Blogger Award post. (I’m getting all verklempt!)

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