French Friday ~ chicken b’stilla

chicken b'stilla

As I gathered the spices for the chicken b’stilla, I thought of the ancient spice trade routes and the influence those traders had on so many cultures. The aromas of the spices in this dish, especially as you’re making the sauce for the filling, are amazing.

I can imagine the excitement that some home cooks must have felt when they discovered the flavors of new spices from other parts of the world. What did the French cook think the first time she smelled cinnamon, ginger, or saffron? Or the Indian cook the first time she smelled coriander?

The chicken b’stilla, a Moroccan dish, is a perfect example of the blending of flavors from different regions of the world: ginger, from South Asia; coriander, native to southern Europe, North Africa, and southwestern Asia; cinnamon, from Southeast Asia; and saffron, from southwestern Asia. And all together? They smell like Morocco.

What are the chances?

chicken b'stilla

Next week: basque potato tortilla.
Last week: michel rostang’s double chocolate mousse cake (skipped).
Two weeks ago: gnocchi à la parisienne.


22 thoughts on “French Friday ~ chicken b’stilla

  1. Great looking b’stilla. I like what you wrote about it being a blend of different flavours from different regions of the world.

  2. I love your opening sentence. Your b’stilla looks wonderful and your photos as gorgeous, as always!

  3. Thanks, KY. I often think about different spices from around the world. We’re so lucky to be able to use so many!

  4. Thanks, Ann! I love your post & your B’stilla turned out beautifully, too! It was fun to make.

  5. That looks fantastic. I’d really like to try it with the phyllo pastry some time. I love what you wrote about the spices. The aroma in the kitchen was overwhelmingly delicious.

  6. Thank you, Teresa! I think I’ll make the chicken and sauce again, but next time I’ll serve it over jasmine rice.

  7. Thank you so much, Becky! I am very honored and touched. I’ll have to get going on my Awards. Teresa was also kind enough to nominate me, so I’ll mention both of you in my post! Thanks again!

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