{128/365} converse

My first 365 project is complete. And that year? Well, it just flew by.

I started this project with one primary goal: to learn about my new camera, the Canon 40d. I accomplished that. I started the year shooting mainly in aperture-priority and shutter-priority modes. By April, I was shooting almost exclusively in manual. And I haven’t stopped learning about my camera. It seems that every month or so I learn about yet another of its incredible features.

{34/365} view from Shepard Road

I’ve been asked by a few people if I plan to do another 365 project. I’m pretty sure I will, but not in 2011. As much as I enjoyed it, I am a bit relieved that this first one is finished. Most days, I looked forward to shooting and finding that photo of the day. But there were some days when I really had to push through a wall to get to it.

And then there were the days that I totally forgot to take a photo at all, or hated everything that I shot. That’s when I’d go to the archives to find a photo to post. If I had to guess how many days I did that, I’d have to say around 15 to 20. Okay, maybe 25. But that’s okay. If I hadn’t given myself the leeway to do that, I would have given up a long time ago.

That part alone … the leeway … was a huge accomplishment for me. I’m generally a starter, not a finisher. When I start something, I usually set high expectations for myself; and if I don’t do something as well as I’d like, I tend to want to stop, or at least start over. If I had a nickel for every project or hobby that I’ve started but didn’t finish, or even get off the ground … well, I’d have about a dollar.

Those unrealistic expectations for yourself can be crippling.

{136/365} Lebron 2 and 3

But there. Now I’ve done it. I’ve finished something big. Now I have no excuses.


Oh, wait. That’s a good thing, right? Yes. Yes, it is.

And I have some big plans for 2011, including a Project 52. I’ll post a photograph every Tuesday in 2011. I’m not going to choose a particular theme, but I’ll be working exclusively in black and white for that project.

I’ll also continue my French Fridays With Dorie, documenting my journey through Dorie Greenspan’s newest book, Around My French Table. (I do love food photography!)

I also have a couple of other ideas up my sleeve, so please stay tuned!

{362/365} Cat

And thanks again to everyone who visited here over the last year. I’d especially like to thank my dad and Russ Rogers, whose regular comments throughout the year were especially encouraging. I’d love it if everyone kept visiting, and please stop and say “hey” every now and again. I’d love to keep hearing from you.

{154/365} Gerbera daisy

One of the world’s greatest photographers, Imogen Cunningham, was once asked which of her photographs was her favorite. She replied, “My best picture is the one I will take tomorrow.”


Day 365 ~ Fushigi Gus

Santa brought Gus a Fushigi Ball for Christmas. At first, he was disappointed that it wasn’t actually a magic ball that would float along in his hands. But as he was boxing it back up to return to Target the North Pole, he discovered the instructional DVD. Now he’s hooked.

And he’s already very good at it. No surprises there: he’s great with a yo-yo, too.

In a day or so, I’ll share some thoughts about my first 365 Project and my plans for 2011. For now, I just want to say thanks to everyone who followed along and especially to those who offered encouragement throughout the year.

Thank you so much!

Gus and Fushigi

Gus and Fushigi

Day 363 ~ cow bowl

Last week I bought some adorable cow salt and pepper shakers and featured them on Day 356. I went back today and bought a pair of matching bowls.

I couldn’t resist them, especially that cow.

Maybe because they’re Spanish in style, and Ferdinand was a Spanish bull. That’s it. They remind me of Ferdinand and the flowers.