Day 362 ~ Phoenix

Here’s one last photo of Phoenix for the 365.

And here are a few other shots as he enjoyed the fire:




He normally has his face buried in the snow, eating it like it’s manna, but today he took a break and posed for me. I just love his eyes (and his natural eyeliner).

Scotty also likes to chew on ice. When he hears someone open the freezer, he races into the kitchen waiting for ice to fall. I always pretend to drop a cube, just to watch him snatch it up and race out of the room.

After I checked into my hotel in Scottsdale on Tuesday, I had lunch by the pool and read. The waiter asked me to cover my plate when I finished, because the birds are very aggressive. This one waited patiently for me to finish. (Hey, Dad: What kind of bird is this?)