{333/365} through glass

My kitchen, through a glass jar.




I thought I’d take you on a little post-processing adventure.

APN-5543 sooc

This is a photo I shot at a small wetland on the high school grounds. This is straight out of the camera (SOOC).

APN-5543 color

Here is the same photo after I made a few minor adjustments to the exposure and tones in Lightroom.


And here it is in black and white.

82 | 365

Moon bokeh.

Max had a late baseball practice last night, and I wandered around the sports facility taking some shots. I didn’t feel inspired, so I headed back out to the car to read a book. On the way down the sidewalk, I shot some of the lighted trees along the way.

This is my favorite frame of the night. I love that the moon is in there.