{5/52} Saint Paul Building


Two buildings

{3/52} two buildings

I walk across Ecolab’s courtyard a few times each week, and I usually glance up to check on one building’s reflection in the other. It’s fun to see how different the view looks from day to day.

After I uploaded this image to my computer, I was excited to see the slight drama in the blue sky and clouds above the top building and in the reflection of its windows. And then I remembered. Blast! I’m doing black and white for my 52 project!

I think the drama still comes through, don’t you think?

Saint Paul Hotel

{1/52} Saint Paul Hotel

Old buildings are great subjects … especially for black and white. The Saint Paul Hotel is no exception. (The lighter building on the left is the Lowry.)

I know the sky is pretty blown out here, but I love how the lines of the buildings move the eye through the image.