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Maple diptych.

I think spring is just around the corner. And not just the date … the weather! It rained almost all day today, and then the fog rolled in.


And we get to go back on daylight savings time this weekend!


My first diptych was also of oak leaves, but I like the colors in this one a bit more. Maybe because today was so much nicer, and the leaves look so bright and warm.

It really was beautiful today: sunny and 38 degrees. It’s hard to believe that these same trees looked like this two weeks ago:

Speaking of diptychs, some day head over to the Hannah’s 365 set on Flickr and look at her beautiful work with diptychs. Her photography is amazing. And then check out her baking and photography blog, Honey & Jam.

{21/365} oak leaves diptych

I just learned how to create diptychs today. I took both of these photos in my backyard late this afternoon, seven minutes apart. I took the photo on the left facing west at 4:40, and the branch was quite close to my lens. I shot the photo on the right at 4:47, looking straight up at some branches that were quite high.

At first, I didn’t think they worked together as a diptych, but there’s something about them that pairs well. What do you think?