Day 363 ~ cow bowl

Last week I bought some adorable cow salt and pepper shakers and featured them on Day 356. I went back today and bought a pair of matching bowls.

I couldn’t resist them, especially that cow.

Maybe because they’re Spanish in style, and Ferdinand was a Spanish bull. That’s it. They remind me of Ferdinand and the flowers.


Courage, confidence, character.

We emptied our freezer last night so Jim could figure out why a popsicle had melted. After he solved the problem, I took the opportunity to thoroughly clean it. (Why do freezers get so dirty?) We had moved all but a few things to the downstairs freezer, and this morning I noticed that three of my favorite things are pretty much all that’s left. (Guess which one is my favorite. Go ahead. Guess.)

I also noticed that the motto on the cookie box might be more relevant to the Grey Goose. Am I not correct?