Day 342 ~ snowman

If I were going to buy a lighted Christmas ornament for my front yard, it would be this guy.


I ran out of half and half this morning, and I can’t drink coffee without it. So this afternoon I picked up Gus from school and headed straight to the grocery store. My regular place is a little crazy in the evening, so we went to Kowalski’s Market, an upscale grocer in my neighborhood. I like it almost as much as I like Byerly’s.

One of the best things about Kowalski’s Markets are the gift departments. It’s a great place to stop for a few groceries when you also need to pick up (or photograph) a last-minute gift. The crosses in the above shot are the bottoms of the prettiest-sounding wind chimes. The sound made me think of spring.

One of the other best things about Kowalski’s — at least our Kowalski’s — is that there’s almost always a whole octopus in the fish case. And Gus always wants to buy that octopus. I don’t know how to prepare octopus, so I always tell him no. Tonight was no different. The poor kid.

He was about seven the first time he saw an octopus in that case, and it was HUGE. I watched him from a distance as he stood there staring at it. The fishmonger noticed what he was looking at, waited several seconds, and then asked him, “Do you want me to wrap that up for you?” Gus turned and looked at me with the most hopeful look in his eyes. I slowly shook my head no. He turned to look back at the octopus. And then I flipped off that fishmonger. (Not really.)

One of these days, I’m going to surprise Gus and say yes. So if you have any tips or recipes, please leave them in the comments section of this post.

Here are two more photos from the gift department.


Tear-drop suncatcher.


Hanging candle holder.

I wasn’t curious enough to try it at the time, but now I wish I’d bought a bottle. Dang my indecisive nature! Well, at least I didn’t freak myself out again shooting at the grocery store.

Okay. Maybe just a little. But it’s getting easier.

I love buying produce at Byerly’s. It’s always so fresh and beautiful. But I felt a little odd taking out my camera and shooting there, and it seemed as though some of the customers and employees thought it was strange that I was doing it. I suppose the further I get into this project, the less self-conscious I’ll feel about shooting in different types of locations.